Eyelash Extension Glue

Why you’ll love the industries best eyelash extension glue

We offer the best eyelash extension glue for low and high humidity levels. You can choose from a variety of different glue options.

We also offer clear eyelash extension glue which has a quick dry time, long-lasting retention and is great for those clients who might be sensitive to carbon black. 

Each of our lash glue's are latex and formaldehyde-free, have a stronghold, and are oil resistant. 


Four high-quality types of lash glue

Black diamond eyelash extension glue - This is our best-selling adhesive and is great for advanced artists who need a super quick dry time. This glue is also great for those with high humidity levels in the room.

Pure gold eyelash extension glue - Our pure gold adhesive is great for intermediate to advanced artists. This 1 second dry time makes lashing efficient while still allowing enough time for perfect placement.

Crystal clear lash glue - Our clear glue is the best on the market. Perfect for those colorful sets or giving special treatment to those clients with sensitive eyes. 

Soft-touch lash glue - This is our beginner-friendly adhesive and offers a slower dry time for those artists who need a little extra time to place the lash. It’s also great for those with high humidity levels.

The most reliable lash glue on the market

With over 4 different options, you are sure to find the perfect glue to meet your lash needs. With Zada USA, you can create beautiful lash sets that are truly one of a kind.

Get your order in as little as two business days. We know how important it is for lash artists to have what you need when you need it. We swiftly ship out each order within 24 hours securely packaged so it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.